Posted by: sailingmartha | April 15, 2013

Pro-life essay and a proud mama’s heart

My 15 year old son recently entered an essay contest that was sponsored by the Pro-Life Center here in town and the Catholic diocese. There were two grade categories, 7th to 9th graders, and 10th to 12th graders, and the topic was “What would you tell a friend who asks you why you are pro-life?”  I’m happy and proud to say that my son won 3rd place in the 10th to 12th grade category. He won $50 cash, plus ice cream gift certificates, a t-shirt, a sweatshirt, and an award certificate. He will also have his essay published in the diocesan magazine and be a guest on the local Catholic radio program. There were 160 entries, so I think he did pretty well! He was the only homeschool winner as well. I’m copying his essay below for anyone who is interested in reading it.

“HatGuy”‘s Pro-Life Essay

I held my breath; it was a strange question. We had been playing games all night…sure, I had just come home from the Walk for Life, but it still seemed out of the blue. It was a question that I hadn’t thought much about. Thinking back, I never really knew “why”. It just seemed natural, a thing any human would agree on. And yet, many people argue and bicker over who is right and wrong, and some try to justify the reasons they give with violence and lies. Some say we should be pro-life because God says we must respect all human life. Others, who do not believe, say right and wrong is of our own moral reasoning. And still others believe that before we are truly born that we should be treated as a human. Some have said it is the woman who should choose what will happen to the baby;  they say if she does not want the baby, or if it is “defective’” that she should remove it from her womb. As I sat there, I was asked again: “Why are you Pro-Life?”. The question stung like a hornet in my heart. I breathed in deep, thinking that question over and over, “Why? Why was I Pro-Life? What reasons did I have to think that I should defend the few, tiny, human embryos that couldn’t even talk?” The answer was slow to come into my mind, but finally, I said: “We are all different. No person really has the right to choose whether or not someone lives or dies. So I think the answer should be what the baby would want. And I think it would be very happy if it could see its mother’s face. I know I was.” And I felt a little warmer inside my heart.


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