Posted by: sailingmartha | April 24, 2011

Red Easter Eggs

After quite a bit of trial and error, I think I have finally mastered the secret of dying red Easter eggs. I wanted eggs that were RED, not pink, and evenly colored. I went looking for Wilton red food coloring paste at Michael’s. They didn’t have paste, but they had red gel, so that’s what I bought. I got a small jar for $1.99. Now I noticed in some articles that I read, that people put the dye in the water while the eggs are boiling. I may try that next year. It’s probably a lot quicker to do them all at once, but I don’t know if you have as much control over the final outcome.

The biggest problem I had was the eggs cracking while they were cooking. Four cracked out the first dozen I boiled, one out of the second dozen. Disappointing. Anyway. I put a teaspoon or so of the gel in approximately a cup of water, and stirred it well. The gel doesn’t seem to want to dissolve in water, so I had to whisk it in. I also used red wine vinegar instead of the normal distilled white vinegar, about a tablespoon. Not sure how much difference this makes, but one article said to use it, so I did. Oh, I forgot to mention I used brown eggs. The first batch I made, I used white eggs, but I forgot to refrigerate them after I was done, and they got left out all night. Oops. Plus the dye job came out crappy*. Tossed those and started over. Brown eggs, water, food coloring gel, red wine vinegar, mugs. Put egg(s) in, let sit for 10 minutes or so, stir, check color, leave for another 5-10 minutes. Take eggs out, and voila, nice deep red even color. Dry immediately with soft towel. Do NOT let air dry as this will result in splotches and streaks, *SEE: first batch of eggs. After drying, take a paper towel with a little olive oil and polish eggs, wipe off excess. Gorgeous.

Now that I have the coloring technique down, I need to solve the cracking problem but I figure I have a whole year to practice :). Also, next year, I need to remember to buy my eggs early. I always forget to do this, and the fresh eggs are much more difficult to peel than the older eggs.

I will try to update this blog with some thoughts on Holy Week and Pascha later on this week.


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